Wiedi in Wonderland


Tue 01 June 2010

I haven't blogged in a while, but that doent's mean nothing happened.
So here are some quick updates. ;-)

Since the first released of libmaia 2 years ago a lot of people have mailed me patches. This is really great, thanks for that! To make it easier to contribute the source is now (in addition to subversion) also available on github. So if you want to add some new feature or fix a bug you can simply fork it. Github also offers issue tracking which was requested a few times, since managing bug-reports in blog comments of course isn't ideal.

In february we upgraded our ircd and are now reachable over IPv6! Connectivity is provided by SkyLime ;-)

Now also IPv6 ready is the Freamware jabber server. And we've switched our server software to ejabberd.

We had an awesome python workshop and a nice Linux Install Party. This semester I'm working on a cluster management project which involves django and "something" with the semantic web and linked data. Great stuff!

Barcamp Bodensee:
This weekend drscream, Maex and myself will be in Konstanz for the 2.0 version of the Barcamp Bodensee.

Good night! :D


  • Maex:

    2010-06-06 10:07:53+02:00

    Das ist awesome hier auf dem BArcamp. Aber wir müssen mal hier noch fotos machen die nicht nach nem geilen urlaub aussehen :)