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Announcement: Vine - Visualized Networking

Mon 14 January 2008

Today we finished the website for a project Michael Wagner and I am working on at the moment.
The project is called Vine which stands for Visualized Networking.
And thats what it's all about: gathering information of IP networks and visualize them in a simple graph.

To get the information from the network we use different technics. For example there is an Avahi component resolving all announced Services. Planned is also an Nmap component and one using simple ICMP echo requests.

As some of these technics only work on the local link we separate the discovery part from the GUI (called Vine Control Center) into a daemon application (called Vine Agent) you can run in different network segments.

The Control Center receives the information from all your daemons and puts the puzzle together presenting you with a nice map of your network and all its devices. Clicking on a Device will show you everything Vine could find out about it. To for query more detailed data there is a SNMP client integrated as well.

Both parts are written in C++ and Qt, so they'll run on quite a lot of platforms. As the Agent also requires Avahi it won't be able to run it on Windows though.

At the moment it isn't really usable yet, but you can check the progress with the WebSVN. For a sneak peek of the user interface have a look at the Screenshots.

If you'd like to help just leave a comment :)